love life

Love live life - Atishay Jain

why don't people Love and live life can we say to life you are the love of my life and makes life happy, life is so beautiful so lets makes journey of life better and live with happiness and feel happy


A wish from god

If you ever get a chance to make a wish from God Don't Ever wish for knowledge or mind, just wish for luck, bcoz i have seen people with knowledge or mind have been working under the people who have luck.


cherish your life

If you are unhappy from your life if you want to cherish your life just do one thing, replace your worry with hope. And fulfill your hope with action. Send positive thoughts to your most troubling situation. Soon you will find yourself starting to act on those thoughts that will help you your dreames comes true.

most beautiful kid

Most beautiful life

we can say to our life that you are the love of my life yeah the life is amazing if you live it to the full. Don't hurt anybody in life be nice and always give love.

young heart

A Young Heart

Let me share with you some aspects of life with young heart, the life is so beautiful in childhood. Yes, life is indeed beautiful for those who know how to live nice

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Life with respect- honor your life

live life
Life is live only once and if we live that life like worst then there is no mean of living life. I myself sometimes think about what is life and this question really makes everyone mess up that how can we live our life better with happiness. I just want to say that, give respect to life, as god has given such a beautiful life to humans but we people never understand that and always do the things opposite.

Rights of life

It is an essential understanding of any enlightened species to recognize that rather than being at the top of a great chain of being, they represent the custodians and gardeners of a beautiful Eden. It is only when Men and Women awaken to their responsibility as custodians and protectors of all forms of life that we will begin our re-balancing and harmony with our environment and planet. Everyone has the right to respect for his or her private and family life, home and correspondence. This right is subject to proportionate and lawful restrictions.
Everyone has the right to uninterrupted and uncensored communication with others – a right particularly of relevance in relation to phone-tapping; email surveillance; and the reading of letters.
A child born to parents who are lawfully and genuinely married will be part of that relationship from the moment and by the fact of the child’s birth

Extent of sexual activities

A person’s sexual life is part of his private life, of which it constitutes an important aspect. Private life thus guarantees a sphere within which a person can establish relations of different kinds, including sexual ones and thus the choice of affirming and assuming one’s sexual identity comes within the protection. The sexual life also depends on one’s life with respect. You can make your sexual life much better if you really want to make it better. Just one thing give respect and see you will get a better life in return.


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