love life

Love live life - Atishay Jain

why don't people Love and live life can we say to life you are the love of my life and makes life happy, life is so beautiful so lets makes journey of life better and live with happiness and feel happy


A wish from god

If you ever get a chance to make a wish from God Don't Ever wish for knowledge or mind, just wish for luck, bcoz i have seen people with knowledge or mind have been working under the people who have luck.


cherish your life

If you are unhappy from your life if you want to cherish your life just do one thing, replace your worry with hope. And fulfill your hope with action. Send positive thoughts to your most troubling situation. Soon you will find yourself starting to act on those thoughts that will help you your dreames comes true.

most beautiful kid

Most beautiful life

we can say to our life that you are the love of my life yeah the life is amazing if you live it to the full. Don't hurt anybody in life be nice and always give love.

young heart

A Young Heart

Let me share with you some aspects of life with young heart, the life is so beautiful in childhood. Yes, life is indeed beautiful for those who know how to live nice

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Home Town Muzaffarnagar

Welcome to Muzaffarnagar
Welcome to Muzaffarnagar
From where to start i don't know as i have mentioned the name of my hometown Muzaffarnagar. It is much popular in India. Many of people across the country only heard the name of this city in news and crime. It is also said that it is a crime capital. Trust me now this city have been changed. Really the crime rate in Muzaffarnagar is keep on decreasing. I have done my schooling from the same city but i have never faced any worst situation people said. Crime is everywhere in the world. Mzn is a very nice city in terms of fashion and per capita income. It is situated at west U.P in middle of Dehradun and New Delhi. Believe me if you ever visit to haridwar or somewhere near to Dehradun you will find a city on your way Mzn but many of the people don't visit the city only due to the fear of the name of the city. the city have very good C.B.S.E schools as well many engineering colleges.

It is well connected by road and railway networks; the National Highway- 58 passes through Muzaffarnagar city. The city has localities mainly Abupura, Aryapuri, Adarsh Colony ,Gaushala , Gandhi Colony, Indira Colony, Jat colony, Khaalapar, Kundan Pura, New Mandi, Patel Nagar, Prem Puri,South & West Krashan puri, Ram Puram, Saket Colony, Sarwat Gate, Dayalbagh satsangies colony (a colony of radhaswami faith followers), Laxman vihar etc. A new residential venture by ANSAL builders is soon to come up in the city
It has one of the biggest jaggery trading markets in whole of Asia. Jaggery is also exported from Muzaffarnagar to countries around Asia. Muzaffarnagar is the education hub for the nearby towns and villages. It is the most developing city of Western Uttar Pradesh after Meerut, Noida and Ghaziabad.The famous food item is the Muzaffarnagar mandi and shahar chaat. If you ever visit up don't forget to try the chaat of this city of food i promise you will never forget the taste of food that you get here. The city has a lot of famous restaurants, brands, temples, etc. If you want to know anything about the city you can anytime go through this blog.


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