Wednesday, June 29, 2011

how to make smile in life

You can also go for some funny jokes in you daily life routine if you get bored.

HOW TO LIVE HAPPILY is the small article to tell everybody or give some steps to learn to be have fun, happiness in everyone's life...the person should be very happy and easy when everyone except this - Live life for all is worth because as sad as it is you are not promise tomorrow today.

Happiness is the key to the way of live happily and having fun in your life..
As we all know every one having problems and tensions in their lives..but the successful person is the one who solve their problems and comes out from their tensions and never be panic have fun in their we have to live happily by applying following steps in our mind.1.Don't listen people to what people say2. Don't take life so seriously3. Love yourself4. Always think of the bright side of your life5.Having fun with everything you do. I just want to say that, give respect to life, as god has given such a beautiful life to humans but we people never understand that and always do the things opposite. when you recognize these steps in your mind you should feel always happy and live happily ever after so be happy always don't be sad keep smiling...:)


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