love life

Love live life - Atishay Jain

why don't people Love and live life can we say to life you are the love of my life and makes life happy, life is so beautiful so lets makes journey of life better and live with happiness and feel happy


A wish from god

If you ever get a chance to make a wish from God Don't Ever wish for knowledge or mind, just wish for luck, bcoz i have seen people with knowledge or mind have been working under the people who have luck.


cherish your life

If you are unhappy from your life if you want to cherish your life just do one thing, replace your worry with hope. And fulfill your hope with action. Send positive thoughts to your most troubling situation. Soon you will find yourself starting to act on those thoughts that will help you your dreames comes true.

most beautiful kid

Most beautiful life

we can say to our life that you are the love of my life yeah the life is amazing if you live it to the full. Don't hurt anybody in life be nice and always give love.

young heart

A Young Heart

Let me share with you some aspects of life with young heart, the life is so beautiful in childhood. Yes, life is indeed beautiful for those who know how to live nice

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

live by the gun - shootout at lokhandwala lyrics

Lyrics of live by the gun song mp3 sing my sanjay dutt from the movie shootout at lokhandwala. The song is awesome and is my favorite- atishay jain.

how is the trip just ask anyone who's rich
everybody knows that life's a bitch
count the money, feel the greed
But as you fell, is it worth the bleed?

you're so afraid of dying
you're every mother's son
but if you live your life by the gun
prepare to die by the gun

when they see you come
people start to drift away
but who is more afraid it's hard to say
just a little man walking in a big man's shoes
but sooner or later they'll find you
evil is what evil does
running in your river of lies


boy your pack of steel take you way above the law
It's a crazy world and you're the metaphore
No place left to hide, god's no longer by your side
it seems like you pulled the shortest straw
tell me how to go away
in a bloody bath alone my friend

prepare to die by the gun (x3)


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