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Hosting Experience with Workaway in New Delhi NCR, India

Saturday, August 19, 2017Atishay Jain

Recently me & my travel partner Astha aka "Newfangled Girl" has started hosting people from different parts of the world. Being a travel enthusiast, we knew about Couchsurfing and Workaway like start-ups which help travellers and as well as local people to exchange knowledge & culture from each other. We started hosting people last year in November 2016 (in Gurgaon), on the very first day we both were little worried about meeting up strangers from different countries. Hitomi (A Japenese American) and George (A Mexican America) were our first guests & they both have been great. After that we moved on and hosted people from 5 more countries and trust me it was really great hosting each one of them.

Workaway in India
Hosting Experience with Workaway in India
What we have learned from workaway
What we have learned from our workaway experience is that it is always worth to meet people from different culture, background & who are travelling the world. We have found that to get the best experience out of workaway is to provide stay at least for a week. However, we have very less work or say no work for our guests but it was our first time and we wanted to experience this. This time we just wanted to exchange knowledge and culture.

We feel like that we have visited all the countries from where we hosted our workawayers. We have learned about visas process, travel hacks, how to get cheaper flights and many more travel ideas from our guests.

Whoever we have met during this amazing experience, all our guests have been a great volunteer in themselves. They helped us in Cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning home, learnings, writing for our blogs, etc. We have never had such an amazing vegetarian international cuisines in our life.

It's always good to see the reviews from our guests on workaway :)

Workaway review for Atishay & Astha as a host in India

Workaway feedback for atishay & astha
Workaway feedback for atishay & astha
Apart from being a host, we have become very good friends with our guests, we are in touch and even planning to visit their countries too. All we have to plan is the time and the budget. But it is really a wonderful feeling when you know that there is someone waiting to see you in a country where you are visiting the first time. It is really great!

A Few more pics from our experiene & how did we travel together
Hitomi & George with Atishay & Astha
Hitomi & George - Our First Guests
Hitomi & George with Atishay & Astha
Hitomi & George with Atishay & Astha
Maria & James from Australia
My Favourite Guests - Maria & James
 live match between India & Australia
This is how we went to Dharamsala to watch a live match between India & Australia
Kyle & Scot from England
England Guys Kyle & Scot - I remember cooking by them, It was awesome.
Watching T20 between India & England
This was epic to watch a live T20 cricket match between India & England

Maya and Jooris from Germany
This is how we were enjoying food made by our German Guests Maya and Jooris.
We paused it but will start soon
As it's too hot after April in Delhi, so we have paused workaway for sometime and we will come back soon in November this year. Hoping to see new people soon and to exchange culture from new country everytime.

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