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Gyab Thago Hertiage Home in Stok Village, Leh - Unexplored Ladakh

Tuesday, May 16, 2017Atishay Jain

After 3 Idiots movie Leh-Ladakh has become famous for Indian Tourists, but there are very less people who visit to "Gyab Thago Hertiage Home" which is approx 20KM from Leh town and is amazing. There is a family in this village who preserved 200 years old ornaments, kitchen utensils, dresses and many more things. Family has turned his old house into a small musuem (check the pics below). However, there is no entry ticket and this is not a public museum. It's his private museum where he collected all old heritage things.

House Lady Making Local Ladakhi Tea

Old preserved Kitchen in Leh
Old preserved traditional Kitchen in this village near Leh

local Leh wheat drink
Family serving local Leh wheat drink


Old Hertitage Kitchen Utensils
Old Hertitage Kitchen Utensils

Roaster wheat with Local wheat drink
Roaster wheat with Local wheat drink
If you visit this place, please help donating him some money as he do not demands any money and even offers you the local wheat drink and tea or sometimes even lunch :)

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