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Amazing Photos of This Leh Ladakhi Kid - Dawa

Saturday, May 20, 2017Atishay Jain

This amazing kid "Dawa" is my friend's nephew and he is just 2 years old and lives in his traditional local house in Leh. He is too naughty and expert in everything, he is too smart & crazy guy. We played with him for 7 days and it was really amazing time with him. He used to come every morning 7 am to wake us up & then wanted to play. Love him so much! His Pics below-

Portrait of a ladakhi kid
Portrait of a ladakhi kid

this amazing kid

A local Ladakhi traditional dress for winters

when he feels real cold then he ask him mom to cover him with this amazing local traditional dress which is really cute.
local Ladakhi traditional dress
Dawa wearing a local Ladakhi traditional dress which is meant for winters.
Dawa with his grand mother
Dawa with his grand mother
Ladakhi naughty kid
Dawa - A Ladakhi naughty kid
mama and bhanja
Dawa with his Mama Stanzin - mama and bhanja :)
We can't forget the time we have spent with him fort 7 days, When he will grown up, he will see these pics and will be happy :)
Stay tuned on our travel blog for more interest stories for our amazing travel journeys. Good Bye - Atishay

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