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The Crazy Couple From India Travelling & Taking Crazy Selfies

Monday, October 17, 2016Atishay Jain

This is how we both "Atishay & Astha (Newfangled Girl)" aka "The Crazy Couple" Taking amazing selfies from all around the Thailand. We both are Affected with some travel madness, Our dream is to travel around the world. As, life begins when you come out of your comfort zone & do something crazy. Adventure is always worthwhile, we discover new things together, we meet new people, we get a lot of inspirations in life by travelling new places everytime. Yes, we are crazy and will be doing the same for our entire life. We saves money, we do hard to make travel successfull, we sacrifice & in retuns it gives us happiness.

Crazy Selfies taken while Travelling Abroad (Atishay & Astha - The Travel Bloggers)

Atishay & Astha
The Crazy Couple in Phuket
Atishay & Astha
Atishay & Astha in Bangkok

Mad Couple
Mad Couple - Travel Bloggers

Crazy couple taking selfies at night on Bangkok Streets
Crazy couple taking selfies at night on Bangkok Streets

Crazy Couple inside the plane
Crazy Couple inside the plane

Less Madness on the pool
Less Madness on the pool

Selfie on to ferry
Selfie on to ferry

couples Madness over sea
Madness over sea

atishay astha
Atishay & Astha - When riding a motorbike

On my birthday night - atishay astha
On my birthday night

Couples On Bangla street, Phuket
The Crazy Couple On Famous Night Party Place - Bangla street, Phuket
Follow us on Patong Beach
Follow us on Patong Beach

Travel with Atishay & Astha
Travel with Atishay & Astha - The Travel Bloggers

cutest couple
Seflie taken from "Travel Banglok with is in 180 seconds"

couples in krabi, thailand
Go Mad with us on Pool side in Krabi

Don't be a tourist, be a traveller
Don't be a tourist, be a traveller

Raining Time Selfie of a Couple
Raining Time

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