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Krabi To Phi-Phi Island On My Birthday - Best Idea Ever To Celebrate Birthday

Saturday, October 15, 2016Atishay Jain

This is Why You Should Travel On Your Birthday which is the best idea ever

"Me & Newfangledgirl" both have been travelling on our birthdays since 4 years & which seems to be the best idea ever to us. You meet new people, you spend less time on FB wishes, you have less mobile connectivity so less calls, you may not have any cakes to cut, but you will have the most amazing time you ever experiencein your life.

Krabi to Phi-Phi Island by Ferry

It was morning 8 A.M & 8th of August of 2016 (which was my birthday :))After getting the most unforgettable & adventurous experience in Krabi last night in Krabi, we decided to go to Ko Phi-Phi. It was all unplanned and we decided to take a ferry directly to Phi-Phi island. It was super amazing to sit on the top of the ferry and to enjoy the beauty of the ocean. Entire experience was really amazing, we were the only Indians on the entire boat? It was the coolest experience for me and my wife asa "Newfangled Girl".

Krabi to Phi-Phi Island - Ferry Cost, Time & Price

Ferry took 1:30 hours to get us on to the Phi-Php island from Krabi (which costed us 400 Bhats per person). There are 4-5 ferries from 9:30 AM till 3:00 PM. Where else do you expect on your birthday morning? Have a look on to the pictures taken during the celebrations over the boat/ferry :

view of the sea
view of the sea

Krabi to Phi Phi by ferry
On the ferry
This is how we have celebrated my birthday morning on 8th August 2016 (it was the coolest birthday ever). Last year we were in Kerala, India and in 2015 we went to Pangi valley, India which were amazing too but this time the experience was very different. Next year, hoping to go somewhere else. Check out the photos:
Thai beer
Celebrating My Birthday like this was super fun
Singha Chang beer thailand
Sinhga, Chang - The famous local drinks of Thailand

We Loved doing this

Krabi to Phi Phi by ferry - Everyone is chilling

Krabi to Phi Phi by ferry

boat speed
Speed of the Boat

in a Row
Sitting in a Row
bow of the ferry
bow of the ferry

Newfangled Girl - Astha
Newfangled Girl - Astha

About to reach Phi-Phi island (Pure blue color of the sea: Non edited pic taken from mobile phone)
Stay tuned for next posts on our experience on Phi-Phi Island which is considered to be one of the best islands in the world. I will also write post about the amazing night we have spent in Phuket on my birthday and celeberated in a very different style.

Thanks for reading my birthday travel story - Atishay

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