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Bangkok With My Wife (Newfangled Girl)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016Atishay Jain

Day 1 - Bangkok with Newfangled Girl

I had an amazing time in Thailand for 6 days with Astha aka "Newfangled Girl". We started with Bangkok, then Bangkok to Krabi, Then Krabi to Phi-Phi Island and then finally ended with Phuket. These 6 days were so amazing that we never had before. The overall experience was really amazing and we left with so many amazing memories. As usual it was not a package tour and we planned everything of our own. A very big thanks to Ithaka who made it easy to explore Thailand in a unique way. Ithaka is a travel app and acts like your travel buddy who knows inch to inch about Thailand. You can ask anything about Thailand by using their mobile App. Amazing thing is they do not charge you anything for assisting you before or during your Thailand Trip.
It was first week of August, & this is how we started from home to Airport with full excitement of going to Thailand.

The Crazy Couple
Reached to Delhi Airport with full excitement like this

The Crazy Couple are excited to go

bangkok air tickets
The Happiness of Flying
It was a coincidence that we met Astha's cousins on Delhi Airport who were going to Singapore. We had dinner together and it was really amazing time with them, I met them first time but looked like i know them since long. Good to know people like them :)

So, we started our first day from Bangkok with Just Nok Bicycle Tours, Check How "The Crazy Couple" Astha & Atishay (me) have completed the 5 hours of city tour in a unique and amazing way. Nok who was an amazing guide, took us to the internal streets & markets of Bangkok. She was really amazing and guided us like a pro guide. We experienced old markets, local city life, Canals, River, crossing through a boat and many more things during the tour. We started the tour around 8:30 AM and directly reach to Nok Shop from the Airport.

Astha & Atishay in Bangkok
"The Crazy Couple" Astha & Atishay in Bangkok

The Crazy Couple
The Crazy Couple Posing

The Crazy Couple
Me & Astha (Newfangled Girl)

city tour of Bangkok
First break during the city tour of Bangkok

This is how we crossed the River with our Bicycles
This is how we crossed the River with our Bicycles

The Crazy Couple
The Crazy Couple

The ultimate chill soda drink

The Crazy Couple
The Crazy Couple

Passing through small streets and Canals

Newfangled Girl
Newfangled Girl - Astha, Posing as usual :P

local old markets

A local sweet shop in Bangkok
A local sweet shop ( This lady was an inspiration, who was making these sweets since many years)

Local Sweet dish

New city of Bangkok

Returned to Just Nok Shop, Bangkok
 We were really tired & it was around 2 PM when we came back. We rushed to the hotel and took rest for few hours. The night ended @ Indira Market & Sukhumvit area, we stayed @ main area of Sukhumvit (Hotel Grand President) & have enjoyed walk from sukhumvit to Indira square and when it was raining. After 2 hours of street shopping at night, we had an amazing Thai massage near Indira square which was really amazing.

A Night in Bangkok with My wife

Dinner in an Indian Restaurant in Bangkok

Pink Cabs in Bangkok - LOL

Shopping @ Indira Market
Streets in Bangkok
Icecreams @ indira Square
Icecreams @ indira Square
A Night in Bangkok with Newfangled Girl
A Night in Bangkok with Newfangled Girl

I am going to post a video of the entire Cycle tour with Nok very soon. Watch this space!

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