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When I Met School Going Kashmiri Kids

Tuesday, June 14, 2016Atishay Jain

Amazing School going Kids in Kashmir

This was the month of May, when i visited Kashmir. I was going though some internal villages near Mansbal lake, 30 km from Srinagar. I met these amazing Group of Kashmiri kids who going to  Schools. It was amazing to capture the expression of this little girl, I forget her name but i can't forget her expressions. We offered her a few chocolates and she turned so happy so cute that I really can't express. It was amazing to meet these innocent kids. Tried to captured other kids expressions but her brother was kind of opposite to here and was so serious ;)

Portrait of a cute little girl with expressions
Portrait of a cute little girl with expressions 
brother and sister from kashmir
brother and sister - smiling to the camera

school going kids posing
The Fantastic 4 with the expression of that cute girl

kashmiri kids
Amazing kashmiri kids

cute little girl
:P haha amazing to see her in this expressions

cute little girl with her brother
after she got the chocolate

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