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Narkanda (Near Simla), Himachal Pradesh

Friday, October 02, 2015Atishay Jain

Narkanda Sunset & Clouds Pictures in September - By Atishay Jain

Narkanda, which is a small town Himachal Pradesh at height of 2708 meters. It was about 65-70 km from Shimla.

These Photo were taken in September last year (2014). I went to Narkanda with my co-worker Sripad. It was an instant plan that was made just 2 days before. We went by train from Delhi to Kalka by train and then Kalka to Simla by Toy Train and then took local buses from Simla to Narkanda which took approx 4 hours. Narkanda has a uphill which is 7-8 km up from the town and which is known as the highest point of that entire area. So we took a local cab who charged us 600 Rs to take us up.

There is  a beautiful memory/story behind this trip :) As we both have gone out of money in the village as we were depended on ATM. There were only 2 ATM in the entire town & unluckily both were down. Now we were left with 700, out of which we needed to give 700 to guest house and also wanted to keep some money for the bus to Simla next day. We spend some 100 bucks on dinner on the same day. We stayed at a small guest house which was just someone's home in the village street. The owner was very nice & when we told him our story he agreed to take 500 Rs instead of 700 which was fixed before taking the room. Finally we took bust with the chillad left and reached simla bus stand. Then we took out money from ATM and proceeded further :)

Enjoy Beautiful Pictures Of Narkanda Taken in September

Narkanda Top View

Narkanda clouds

Narkanda - A place to Sit & Relax

Narkanda - Temple at Top

Sunset view at Narkanda, Himachal

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