Tree Houses in Kerala - Pallivasal & Chinnakkanal

Saturday, September 05, 2015Atishay Jain

I recently had an Amazing Experience in staying in different tree houses - one in Village Pallivasal & other in Village Chinnakkanal (Near Munnar) in Kerala.

Life is all about experiences & i really want to spend all of my life in the lap of nature. Climbing up, Sleeping in a tree house in Kerala with rhythmic chants of the birds in the morning with amazing sun-rays coming through the trees. There were windows inside the tree house and when i was looking out at the hills, rain-forest & the hill was really amazing. This was one kind of natural experience that I had in Kerala. (I got scared when i saw earthworms inside the house, but it was normal when you are so close to nature). Monsoon season in Munnar makes the beauty of the tree houses more greener and more romantic & beautiful.
Estate Residency,2nd Mile, Pallivasal, Kerala

Tree House

Tree Houses at Great Escapes Resort, Chinnakkanal
Inside the Tree House - Can you believe?
Special Guest Room in tree house :)

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