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Life at Viscus Infotech Indore: My Job Experience

Hi Folks,

Today I Atishay Jain from New Delhi wants to express some of my beautiful thoughts on my life journey with Viscus Infotech Indore. Let me first tell you something about Viscus Infotech, It is a web development and web designing company based at Indore. It was really a wonderful and awesome experience to work with such an outstanding company.

viscus infotech
My Job Experience at Viscus Infotech Indore

Designers & Developers

I have worked with some of the high professional and experienced developers and designers during this journey. According to me this is one of the best and top level company in terms of web designs products and Rich Internet Applications from central India. I have found most of the employees have been thrilled during their regular work. All staff and management are superb over there.

Learning at Viscus

This is my first top level learning experience with Viscus Infotech that I have ever got. If you really want to learn technology and have such an enduring strength and energy to develop new things then join Viscus that would makes all your skills worth of them. The company has been providing the source whatever you need to learn like Books, library, etc as well allows studying during office hours. The team of experienced engineers and managers would be there to help you out if you are a fresher.

Environment &Culture

Culture at Viscus Infotech Indore is also awesome. Time to time events & Festivals are celebrated in the company premises. The company also organizes trips from the time being. Well the company has a well infrastructure and nice sitting arrangements.

Other basic advantages:

Everything seems positive about the company if you really want to work in a healthy environment. All computers have updated often and the hardware and networking team is always great. The total number of Employees are around 80- 90 at Viscus Infotech Indore. One fact is that they do not have any other branch in Indore or anywhere else as per the information at the end of 2011. The company has a half day off only on Saturdays but you will get it after 6 months of your joining. The company timings are good enough and is flexible from 9:30 to 6 O’ Clock. The company has a meal system for which each employee has to pay the half of the amount for the lunch buffet.


Note: Please not that whatever I have written here is all about my personal experience about the company and culture; this is not limited to any legal disclaimer. Any comments that may be found here are the express opinions, therefore, I the owner/author of this site cannot be held responsible for the fact that the minds of any individual.

Thanks & Regards:

Atishay Jain, New Delhi (India)

X Employee of Viscus Infotech, Indore

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  1. It sounds great about Viscus Infotech Indore. I have gone for an interview but I have not been selected in. i will surely try after 6 months. Thanks for reviews

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