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What makes Delhi Girls Famous?

Mini Skirts makes Delhi girls famous

Delhi girls in Western Dresses
Delhi girls in Western Dresses
Shocking but it is a fact as after a survey of a news channel, Delhi becomes in the highest number of girls who like to wear shorts and miniskirts even in winters. This is quite strange for Indians but Survey makes it so. What do you think the culture that has been changing our culture is due to the westernization or it is due to having rich money and fashion. Many people call this as a fashion or say modernization. These small things don’t matter but still there are things that are far unusual then this survey. The Indian culture in no more having any means in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore etc.I am not blaming only the girls for this but we all have been included to bring our country to this condition. Development is necessary throughout the country but not by removing their clothes or shortens their dresses.

Indian Bridal Wear and Saree

India is pretty famous for its culture and religions. What to say everything gets change. “Saree is the essence of Indian culture and tradition” but now it becomes only a history may be one day this line gets change in to this line “Saree was the essence of Indian culture and tradition”. It may be surprising to some, but garments were not really stitched together during the ancient days in India. Read on to know many such interesting facts about ancient Indian fashion and how those trends are still being used today, in a modified way. Indian Bridal Wear is elegant, rich and beautiful.  Indian wedding is famous all over the world. The quintessential eastern fashion statement, the sari seems to be the most misunderstood garment, in the history of apparels.Though a number of European designers are increasingly vouching for its comfort and beauty.
Foreigners in Indian Saree
Foreigners in Indian Saree

Wearing Saree is not imaginable for foreigners

It is still an enigma for western culture, mysteriously draped and staying in place without any help from pins or buttons. I know Indian’s might don’t feel strange this thing but its quite strange as well impossible for foreigners to imagine that how can an indian girl wear a piece of clothe without any need of buttons, supports and other essential accessories required to wear any dress out there from India.  

Why Indian girls gets change

This is a fashion driven world. No one wants to put on outdated attires or costumes. People keep on updating themselves with changing fashion. India is a land full of diversities, which is visible even in its clothing. India clothing is as diverse as the country itself. . I hope after reading this article may all Indian Girls have some impact on themselves and they will try to make our culture as it was before. That’s it.


  1. dude this is sick..u want girls to make the culture the way it was? u mean they should wear sarees while jogging while partying? nd yeah girls do wear sarees during occassions..we cant just blindly follow wat our ancestors used to there is a massive diffrence between in the current time compared to wat our ancestors used to live in..or u wana say that ppl should start marrying at the age of 13-14 lyk our ancestors just to make it the way it was before?

  2. It is their choice man. Stop moral policing!

  3. lol

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